AMO members complete new revised 5-day Refrigeration course at STAR Center


Attending the Refrigeration course in June included AMO members Patrick James Fitzpatrick Hume, Rhys Leonard, Brandon Mackie, Timothy O’Connell, Daniel Capozello and Joseph Grant. With them was STAR Center instructor Larmyk Balancia.

On June 23, STAR Center in Dania Beach completed teaching the first 5-day refrigeration course (Professional Development) for American Maritime Officers members looking to add to their engineering skills. The revamped refrigeration course is part of a battery of engineering professional development courses offered at STAR Center aimed at producing a more well-rounded mariner.

This refrigeration course will provide an opportunity to refine refrigeration and HVAC skills including, but not limited to: operation, maintenance, troubleshooting, recovery, charging, evacuation, soldering and brazing. This course does not meet any requirements for STCW certification or other endorsements or certifications.

The following are a selection of comments from those who attended:

* “Good course, I will definitely be recommending to my shipmates.”
* “Brazing and soldering was valuable and a skill-building experience.”
* “Really liked the refrigeration trainers and the hands-on experience of the class.”
* “Really enjoyed the electrical motor controller troubleshooting.”

Any questions regarding this or other engineering courses, including the new “Electrical and Instrumentation Troubleshooting” and “Controls Systems Troubleshooting” professional development courses should be directed to Allen Howard, Head, Engineering, at 800-942-3220 Ext. 7803 or via .

STAR Center’s course schedule can be accessed at The course schedule for AMO members and applicants is also available online. Enrollment questions or applications should be directed to Student Services at 1-800-942-3220 Ext. 201 or via .

The next 5-day Refrigeration (Professional Development) class will be taught September 18 to 22.