AMO National Executive Board elects Willie Barrere to serve as AMO national president

The National Executive Board of American Maritime Officers has elected Willie Barrere to serve as the union’s national president in accordance with Article VIII, Section 1 (l) of the AMO National Constitution. He will complete the term of former AMO National President Paul Doell, who retired from AMO.

Barrere was elected AMO national executive vice president in 2022.

Barrere had accepted appointment and agreed to serve in that office in 2021 to complete the term of the late Mike Finnigan, who had been elected AMO national executive vice president in 2018.

Barrere sailed with AMO as Captain for 27 years prior to coming ashore to work for the union as the West Coast representative in 2016.

Additionally, the AMO National Executive Board elected National Vice President, Inland Waters, Danny Robichaux to complete Barrere’s term as national executive vice president. Robichaux has served a very active role in AMO Deep-Sea, Great Lakes, and Inland Waters contract negotiations since he was elected to office in 2018.