MSCI Alert: Red Sea and Gulf of Aden-Potential Retaliatory Attacks by Houthi Forces

The following alert was released January 23 by the United States Maritime Administration.

There continues to be a high degree of risk to commercial vessels transiting the Southern Red Sea between 12N and 16N. While the decision to transit remains at the discretion of individual vessels and companies, it is recommended that U.S. flag and U.S. owned commercial vessels remain North of 18N in the Red Sea or East of 46E in the Gulf of Aden until further notice. Additional updates will be provided when available. This alert will not automatically expire and will be updated or cancelled as needed. Any questions regarding this alert should be directed to U.S. Naval Forces NCAGS at +973-1785-0033 (Primary/Watch Desk), +973-3940-4523 (Alternate), (Contingency), or +973-1785-3879 (NAVCENT Battle Watch/Emergency).

Status: Active