M/V Acadia Trader completes Operation Deep Freeze mission to Antarctica

nullThe M/V Acadia Trader arrived at McMurdo Station in Antarctica to deliver over 7 million gallons of a special blend of diesel fuel mixed specifically for Antarctica called AN8; 1.5 million gallons of aviation fuel; and 155 thousand gallons of gasoline; 100 percent of the fuel needed for two years at the remote outpost.

nullCrew members aboard the M/V Acadia Trader included (Front row) Bosun Nasser Kassim, AB Hussen Mohamed, Pumpman Walden Galacgac, Steward Assistant Josue Hernandez-Cordero, Military Sealift Command Rep. Ray Lilly, (Second row) AB Jerry Aquino, QMED Joshua Bonita, Steward Shadonna Jones, Captain Everett Hatton, Chief Engineer Garrett Long, AB Dale Armstrong III, Second Engineer Mary Shea, (third row), AB Nicholas Carey, Third Mate Richard Leach, Chief Mate Robert Grove, Third Mate Joseph Nicodemus, Second Engineer Seth Ulm, Second Mate Ryan Wood, Third Engineer Benjamin Basset, AB Berard Fedele and Wiper James Boatner. The Acadia Trader is manned in all licensed positions by American Maritime Officers and unlicensed positions by Seafarers International Union.

nullThe M/V Acadia Trader arrives in Antarctica alongside the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Polar Star in January.

nullOne of the local residents watches as the Acadia Trader pulls into port in Antarctica to resupply McMurdo Station.