AMO agreements remain in force after sale of USMMI fleet

The contractual tie between American Maritime Officers and U.S. Marine Management, Inc. or USMMI, will hold following the sale of the fleet and the company by Maersk Line, Limited (MLL). The sale was completed on September 20, 2023.

In August, MLL advised AMO that USMMI would be acquired by a new owner in approximately 30 days. MLL also confirmed that, under its new owner, USMMI will continue to be bound by and obligated to comply with its collective bargaining agreements and memoranda of understanding with AMO. These agreements and memoranda will remain in full force and effect under their current terms.

The new owner will announce its acquisition of the USMMI fleet independently.

Maersk Line, Limited had agreed that the sale of USMMI provides this fleet the greatest opportunity to grow under new ownership.

Under its new ownership, this company will continue to do business as USMMI – bidding for Military Sealift Command contracts and acquiring new ships as needed to meet evolving demand. There will be no significant changes among current USMMI management personnel.

The new USMMI management anticipates growth in new markets, resulting in the expansion of the USMMI fleet and new jobs for U.S. merchant mariners – developments that will result in new names for its acquired vessels and removing visible references to Maersk Line, Ltd. from the mast and the bow of each ship.

“Our union will abide by its tradition of providing USMMI with the world’s finest licensed seagoing professionals, as we do in all fleets under AMO contract,” said AMO National President Paul Doell. “We will monitor each development and circumstance as it occurs in the interest of mutual advantage.”