Enrollment re-opened August 1 for those who were working aboard vessels during the initial open enrollment period for voluntary member-paid insurance options developed specifically for AMO members and applicants

For American Maritime Officers members and applicants who were at work during the initial enrollment period (which ended July 15), enrollment will re-open beginning Monday, August 1. AMO members and applicants will have the opportunity to enroll in a customized package of self-paid, optional and voluntary Aflac insurance policies at a group rate, developed at the request of AMO specifically for the benefit of the union's membership.

The extended enrollment period for voluntary member-paid insurance coverage will run for approximately three weeks from August 1 through August 21. AMO members and applicants may receive additional emails from AMO during this extended enrollment period. Below are instructions for those wishing to participate in the extended enrollment.

Customized voluntary insurance options include: Critical Illness Insurance, Accident Coverage Insurance, and Guaranteed Issue Group Life Insurance. These customized self-paid insurance options are NOT benefits provided through AMO Plans. The AMO Plans offices will not be able to provide information about them.

Information regarding the group options is available on the AMO website and from benefit counselors:

As noted, none of these benefits are provided by AMO Plans. However, the customized group insurance options would not otherwise be commercially available to AMO members seeking similar coverage on an individual basis. Participation is optional for any AMO member or applicant and the union itself has no direct involvement in and receives no financial return from membership participation in these self-paid policies.

Separately, AMO members and applicants are also eligible to purchase an individual disability policy and life insurance from well-known carriers that have vast experience working with professional mariners. For more information about these options, contact Jacalyn Murray at (954) 689-9499 or .

Additional contact information regarding the supplemental policies is available on the AMO website.

Benefit counselors from Aflac will be available to assist AMO members and applicants with navigating their options and making choices appropriate for their circumstances. Following are two options for connecting with a benefit counselor to review available coverages and complete open enrollment.

  1. Use the Enrollify app to register and schedule a time. The app can be downloaded at the following address - https://ep6enroll.app/ - and used to schedule an enrollment consultation with a benefit counselor. Enter your email address OR your cell phone number and enter "Benefits2022" as the password (Capital B). If you have difficulty registering, please call the call center or .
  2. Call the Call Center at (866) 710-8786.

AMO has negotiated this extended enrollment period for members and applicants who were working aboard vessels during the one-month enrollment period that ended on July 15.

Benefit counselors can assist you with completing open enrollment over the phone or via virtual screenshare based upon your preference.