American Maritime Officer: May 2021

CS Dependable rescues sailor from damaged catamaran in Pacific Ocean

The following is excerpted from a report sent by Captain Yann Durieux, master on the CS Dependable.

On March 21, just before 0200 local time, while the CS Dependable was en route to Hawaii, the mate on watch (Second Mate Harry Klausner) received a distress call from the sailing vessel Catamaran 2, with one person onboard. I was called to the bridge and we made way to the location of the vessel, arriving onsite about 0238 local time.

It took a bit of time to approach, as the sailor onboard the vessel needed to keep making way until the last minute as he feared the boat would break apart if not heading into the waves.

We recovered his gear and the sole individual onboard Catamaran 2, Andrew Baillie, age 71.

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