USNS Pililaau serves in exercise Hagatna Fury 2021

The following is excerpted from an article by Leslie Hull-Ryde, Military Sealift Command Far East, and published online February 26 at The USNS Pililaau is operated for MSC by U.S. Marine Management Inc. American Maritime Officers represents all licensed officers aboard the LMSR.

The Military Sealift Command ships that make up Maritime Prepositioning Ships Squadron 3 make sure Marines have the equipment they need when they need it, wherever that might be in the Indo-Pacific Region.

"Maritime Prepositioning Ships Squadron 3 ensures essential equipment and supplies are strategically prepositioned to ensure rapid availability for U.S. forces deployed throughout the Indo-Pacific," said Capt. John Bub, MPSRON 3 commodore.

MPSRON 3 and the 3rd Marine Logistics Group regularly team up to onload or offload equipment. Recently, MPSRON 3 took part in the Marines' Hagatna Fury '21. According to exercise planners, the event gives Marines; Maritime Sealift Command assets and Task Force 75 detachments the opportunity to increase proficiency and support force integration readiness. Planners say that safely and successfully conducting the exercise validates the capabilities of all participants and increases individual qualifications.

"[This training] allows Marines to execute a full mission rehearsal and offload procedures and ensures the Marines have the training and the proficiency needed should we have an operation where maritime prepositioning force assets will be required execute their mission," Bub said.

"The exercise increases deployment flexibility and the capability to respond rapidly to a disaster relief or contingency operation across the globe at a moment's notice," he said.

This year, MPSRON 3's USNS Pililaau (T-AKR 304) took part in Hagatna Fury 21. During the Guam-based portion of the exercise, Marines offloaded the equipment they might need for a mission for which they may be tasked in either the Indian or Pacific Oceans.

In addition to USNS Pililaau (T-AK 304), Maritime Prepositioning Ships Squadron 3, and 3rd Marine Logistics Group, specifically, Combat Logistics Regiment 3, Task Force 75 participants included Navy Cargo Handling Battalion 1 and Naval Beach Group 1.