Reminder: Ballots mailed for 2022 AMO election; instructions for requesting a duplicate ballot, voting eligibility

On August 1, ballot packages were mailed by TrueBallot, Inc. to all American Maritime Officers members and applicants for casting a vote in the 2022 AMO National Election, along with instructions on how to properly fill out and return your ballot to the impartial election administrator, True Ballot, Inc. Under the guidelines for voting eligibility in Article XI, Section 3 of the AMO National Constitution, in order for a ballot to be counted, a member of AMO must be in good standing through the quarter in which the ballot is to be counted by no later than November 30 of the election year.

Voted ballots must be received by mail at the repository no later than December 1, which will fall on a Thursday this year. Therefore, each AMO member will need to mail their voted ballot far enough in advance of December 1 to ensure it arrives by mail before the deadline.

In the ballot package sent by TrueBallot, the envelope for returning your ballot is stamped with pre-paid postage. All postage expenses related to ballot distribution and receipt are paid by TrueBallot as part of the company's role and agreement as the independent third-party administrator for the 2022 AMO Election of National Officers.

If your original ballot is lost or damaged, or if you need your ballot sent to an alternate address, including the vessel aboard which you are working, please send a request for a duplicate ballot . TrueBallot will mail a duplicate ballot package either to your primary address or to an alternate address if so requested. Only one ballot per member may be cast. In your message, you must include the address to which you will need your duplicate ballot mailed. Additionally, please specify that you did not receive your original ballot package, that your original ballot package was lost or damaged, or that you need your ballot sent to an alternate address.

As provided in Article XI, Section 3 of the AMO National Constitution: "(g) All members shall be mailed ballots on August 1st of the election year, unless August 1st falls on a Saturday or Sunday, then the ballots will be mailed on the previous Friday; the ballots are to be returned as provided in subparagraph (h) herein. In order for the member's ballot to be counted, the member must be in good standing for the quarter in which the ballot cast is to be counted, with such standing established not later than November 30th of the election year.

"(h) Voting shall thereupon commence and continue through December 1st inclusive. If December 1st falls on a holiday, or a Sunday, balloting shall end on the next succeeding business day. Ballots received after December 1st or the next succeeding business day shall be disqualified."

If you are already a member of AMO but have not yet paid your membership dues for this entire year, you must do so by November 30, 2022 in order for your ballot to be counted in the election. If you are unsure about whether you have made your 2022 dues payments or the amount you still owe, you may contact Member Services at 1-800-362-0513 extension 1050, or .

If you are an applicant for membership in AMO, in order to receive a membership card and have your ballot counted in the election, you need to be an AMO member in good standing by November 30, 2022. A completed membership application, which can be obtained on the AMO website or from Member Services, must be accompanied by two letters of recommendation from AMO members in good standing, along with all required dues and initiation fees. Please allow sufficient time for your membership application and payments to be processed before November 30. Membership applications and the required payments are accepted by regular mail or electronically to AMO Member Services. You may then confirm whether you are eligible to have your ballot counted by contacting AMO Member Services at 1-800-362-0513 extension 1050, or .