American Maritime Officer: July 2021

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Members in good standing vote on seven referenda in AMO’s first union-wide all-electronic balloting

In union-wide votes on seven referenda concluding at 1200 EDT on June 30 in the union's first all-electronic balloting, members of American Maritime Officers in good standing voted to ratify two decisions of AMO trial committees and to ratify five AMO National Executive Board decisions regarding AMO trial committee decisions that had been appealed.

As a result of the 657-198 vote in favor of ratifying the National Executive Board's decision to accept the decision of an AMO trial committee on impeachment charges brought by AMO National Vice President, Inland Waters, Danny Robichaux, Charles Murdock has been dismissed from office as AMO National Secretary-Treasurer and barred from holding any office, positions or employment in AMO. Based on the trial committee's decision, which was accepted on appeal by the AMO National Executive Board and ratified by a vote of AMO members in good standing (as noted above), Murdock has not been expelled from the membership of AMO.

The balloting process was conducted by impartial third-party election administrator TrueBallot, Inc., which contacted AMO members in good standing via email throughout the balloting period to provide online access to information regarding each of the seven referenda and a Web-based ballot with which to cast a vote on each of the seven decisions. The first email notifications were sent by TrueBallot on June 7 and voting concluded at 1200 EDT on June 30.

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