American Maritime Officer: February 2018

Amendments made to AMO National Constitution to boost ballot access, increase membership participation in union-wide elections and referenda

A significant reform adopted February 5 is expected to broaden ballot access and increase voter participation in American Maritime Officers elections and membership referenda.

Under a resolution approved by AMO members during the regularly scheduled membership meeting at AMO headquarters in Dania Beach, the voting period in AMO elections was expanded from 90 days to 120 days, beginning with this year's AMO election of officers.

The resolution, which had been approved unanimously by the AMO National Executive Board during its meeting at headquarters January 24, amended Article XI, Section 3(g) of the AMO National Constitution to move the ballot mailing date from September 1 to August 1. The independent True Ballot, Inc. and an elected AMO rank and file tallying committee will count the ballots during the regularly scheduled AMO membership meeting in December in keeping with current practice.

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