'Business as usual' after American Steamship Co. fleet sale

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American Steamship Company has assured American Maritime Officers that ASC's pending acquisition by Rand Logistics Inc. will have no adverse effect on our union's jobs in this Great Lakes fleet or on AMO Plans, the benefit funds that serve all deep-sea, Great Lakes and inland waters AMO members and their families.

"It will be business as usual for ASC and for AMO," a senior ASC executive told me in an afternoon phone call February 10.

Rand Logistics Inc. credits the "professionalism and dedication" of the ASC fleet's officers and crews as significant influences on the fleet's profit-making operation and its sustained customer confidence, this executive said. He added that ASC is gearing up for early fitout, with 11 of the company's vessels operating to meet strong demand for industrial raw materials.

The sale of American Steamship Co. to Rand Logistics Inc. is subject to approval by the Securities and Exchange Commission and possibly by other regulatory agencies and federal court.

American Maritime Officers represents the engine and deck officers in the American Steamship Co. fleet. The Seafarers International Union represents the unlicensed ASC personnel.

Paul Doell
National President

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